High School for International Students Toronto, Canada: Grade 9 to 12

At Royal Crown Academic School – High School for International Students Toronto Canada, we focus on helping students reach their full potential and succeed in their chosen career paths even after they graduate. Students who study abroad are often afraid that they may not be able to pick up the language, get around the town easily, or adapt to the learning setting they are placed in.

Royal Crown is dedicated to helping international students integrate into our private high school in Toronto, Canada. We work with students on an individual basis to determine their needs and make sure they are met.

We know that some students are nervous when they arrive and our friendly educators and staff are always here to guide you. We connect new, international students with other students at the school to show new students around and take them under their wing. Each student was once in the same position that you are.

Royal Crown is not only focused on superior grades and a student’s test scores. We are focused on helping students thrive within our academic system and providing them with the support that they need to be successful in both their academic and personal endeavors.

We Have an Academic Support System in Place

Our school for international students has a dynamic academic support system in place. This support system is designed for those students who are identified as requiring additional help when it comes to academics or adjusting to their new life here in Toronto.

Our academic support system will provide students with assistance during and after school as we as at their residence.

Our support program is made up of:

Subject tutors and teachers

Student mentors

Peer tutors

Staff tutors in school and at residences

High School for International Students Toronto Canada

Our Success Rate is Perfect

We are proud to say that we have a 100% success rate and all of our students have graduated and been accepted to universities. In fact, many of our students receive early admission letters, scholarships, and multiple admission offers.