Part Time Jobs for High School Students

Students from international high school Canada comprise of teenagers all in their adolescent stage. The main goal of this transition stage is to produce mature, productive, and responsible adults. At this time, everything that is taught to these high school students is very helpful in their career and social life. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of peer pressure around this age group and it is not easy to control them. It is therefore important to ensure that your child, at this stage, is involved in productive activities that make them a better person in the long run.

One way to occupy your teenagers is through part-time employment. With jobs, teenagers are able to gain work experience, relate their obtained school skills to the real world and achieve new accomplishments. As they work, they are paid and this helps them become independent from their parents as they are able to buy necessities for themselves. Teens like to spend on things like clothes, phones, saving for college and could also help their parents with family expenses.

Working for teens could be a bit challenging as the employers view teens to have an attitude towards work, which is generally not true since they see them as unskilled. Another challenge could be that they could be overworked yet they have school work, assignments and projects to work on.

Experienced and Careful Staff

What are the advantages part-time jobs for high school students?

The students are exposed to multiple real work conditions that help them gain valuable experience that is very good for building their resume.

Earning makes them interact with money. Even though they spend most of their earnings on their own expenses, they develop a sense of budgeting and managing finances to balance among their needs by giving priority to the most important or urgent matters.

During their working time, they could develop networking that may prove valuable in after studies career.

Since students have to balance work and school, they develop time management skills.

Provide constructive use of free time as they have less time to indulge in risky activities.

Help one gain useful marketable skills like how to handle people, plus good communication skills that will help in their career.

Equip them with confidence and a sense of responsibility, as well as making them independent.

However, even though part-time jobs for high school students may seem so advantageous, they are still setbacks that face them. When a teen is involved in part-time employment, there are consequences that if they are not careful, could affect them negatively. They include:

Homework vs. job

Most teens find night part-time jobs. Night-time is the ideal time for them to do their homework and also study. Now that they have a job, assignment time is reduced and they have less time to complete homework.

There is a high rate of absenteeism among working students. Sometimes there may be a bad day at work and one is faced with constraints. Stress and fatigue come in and may make the student to not attend school.

These above will then cause a drop in the performance of the student. At that time, working doesn’t look so helpful for high school students.


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