Mission And Vision

Welcome to Royal Crown Academic School!

Royal Crown Academic School is a private high school in Toronto, Canada that is committed to helping students excel and achieve their dreams. We are part of the Royal Group of Schools, which includes a career college that students can attend.

Our school welcomes international students from all over the world. Upon arrival, students are met with caring educators, a challenging curriculum, and the means for them to push forward to achieve success.

Registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education, our school is open to both local students throughout the area and international students who want to pursue and further their education here. Whether a student wants to attend college in Canada, the United States, or any other post-secondary education, we are here to help them.

Located conveniently at the intersection of Bayview and Sheppard Avenue, our school is easily accessible to downtown, the airport, the bus station, and subway. Students who are looking to get out and explore the Toronto area are only a few steps away from transportation and a day full of shopping or dining out.

Royal Crown Private Highschool Toronto Canada

Mission And Vision

At Royal Crown Academic School we have a clear mission and that is to provide the best education to students and help propel them into their future for when they leave our school.We have a 100% success rate and are proud of it. All of our students have graduated and moved on to be accepted into the universities of their choices. In fact, many of our students have been awarded scholarships based on their outstanding grades and test scores.

We tailor our programs to meet the needs of each and every student to ensure that he or she will learn as much as possible and succeed. At Royal Crown, your success is our success and through our best in class curriculum, caring and knowledgeable teachers and outstanding support system, we are confident that we can help you achieve your life dreams.


Develop multi-dimensional global talent for independent thinking, fact based analysis, public speaking and communication.

Campus Life

Rich and diverse campus life and field trips to deepen international students’ experience in North American culture

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Summer time is a great opportunity for many private high school Toronto students to take a well-deserved rest from a rigorous academic calendar. The rest should not be prolonged though since it is also a great time to undertake several projects. You can use the summer period to boost your academic work, career and college prospects as well as for personal growth.


Canada is one of the leading countries of origin for internationals students enrolled in American universities and colleges. Graduates from a school for international students consider the USA among the first locations for studying. Students from a private high school Toronto are just among many world over seeking to get learning opportunities in the US.The situation is made more competitive


New applicants to school for international students always have several concerns and questions. These revolve around the process of admission, the academic structure, their welfare and how they get allocated a school. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by those getting into a private international high school Toronto for the first time.

Many competitive colleges and universities are looking for an all-round student. Even companies are also looking for someone bringing more to the organization than just academic papers. Most of these attributes are referred to as the intangibles and the only way you can sufficiently provide proof is through extracurricular activities. Chances are you may not have been the athlete, student leader or band member in your private school Toronto.

For most universities especially those abroad, being asked to attend to a university admission interview is fairly common. If you have just graduated from a private high school Toronto, this is a chance you have been waiting for though it can also be a major challenge. For most this may be the first time they are facing a formal interview. It is okay to be nervous a bit but do not get overwhelmed.Here are tips to help you face the interview process with success

Graduating from a private school Toronto presents you with a chance to advance to college or join a university depending on your qualifications. If you were in a school for international students, chances are you are looking to join a university abroad. The challenge before you is finding the right university that best meets your needs. This covers a number of factors from your desired programs, quality of the faculty and the location of the university among other things.

There are two main reasons you may find yourself getting to summer school. It could be the need to catch up on important credits you had fallen behind on and thus it becomes a requirement. Regardless of the decision, it is very easy to find summer a challenging time to study. The weather is hardly great to be inside a class and most of your friends and family are out on great summer plans.

Making the transition from private high school Toronto to college brings with it a period of excitement and rapid changes. There is so much to work on in such a short time. Ideally, for the best transition the preparation should start months before the graduation process itself. Even if you have not figured out much, the following tips should help you in getting ready for the next step in life.

Ontario province in Canada is a popular destination for many students seeking to study abroad. If you are from a school for international students, it is one of the places you may want to consider checking out. It is popular because of the top universities there and the competitive rates at which many of the programs are offered.


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