How to Boost Your Extracurricular during the Summer

Many competitive colleges and universities are looking for an all-round student. Even companies are also looking for someone bringing more to the organization than just academic papers. Most of these attributes are referred to as the intangibles and the only way you can sufficiently provide proof is through extracurricular activities. Chances are you may not have been the athlete, student leader or band member in your private school Toronto. On the other hand you may feel that your participation in some activities does not count for much.

Boost Extracurricular during Summer

There is no reason to despair even if you are approaching your private high school Toronto graduation. The summer period offers a range of opportunities for you to take advantage of and boost your extracurricular activities.

Here are some of the opportunities to try out this summer and any other you have left:


This is by far the easiest and no less beneficial. Opportunities for voluntary work exist both within a private international high school Toronto or the neighboring community. Ask the school officials if there is any program that you can volunteer or get home and help out at various social services, your local church or community center. If there is an NGO nearby take the chance too. You get to learn new things and create goodwill as well as demonstrate ability for service and dedication and boost your CV.

Charity and fundraising project

Check around and online for a project happening within the summer and sign up dedicating your time and effort in ensuring the goal is achieved. You can create great contacts here and even get a recommendation letter or certificate acknowledging your efforts. You also learn fundraising and organization skills.

Work at summer camp

While summer camps are designed for kids, they offer teens a great opportunity to serve as counselors and guides. It is a chance to earn some money as well as develop your leadership skills which demonstrates you can take on responsibility.

Learn music, photography or a foreign language

You can take up the courses that follow your hobbies or a skill you have been looking to learn. Such classes are available at school or the local community center. This way you develop a new skill and learn a foreign language while boosting your extracurricular portion.

Participate in multicultural activities

Check to see if your school for international students has any activities lined up for the summer to celebrate diversity. Sign up to participate either as part of those showcasing the different cultural aspects or as one of the organizers.

Write a blog

A blog is one of the simple ways you can demonstrate your analytical, communication and creative skills outside classwork. It will need regular updating than just every other summer but summer time offers you the right amount of time to develop your blog. Brainstorm an idea that excites you and research on it. Your can always attach the blog link to your CV. Having a well updated and managed blog also demonstrates your initiative and ability to focus and commit to a project.


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