How to Prepare for your University Admission Interview

For most universities especially those abroad, being asked to attend to a university admission interview is fairly common. If you have just graduated from a private high school Toronto, this is a chance you have been waiting for though it can also be a major challenge. For most this may be the first time they are facing a formal interview with such high stakes. It is okay to be nervous a bit but do not get overwhelmed.

Prepare for University Admission Interview

Here are tips to help you face the interview process with success:

1.Find out the type of interview you will be facing

There are generally two types of interviews you will be facing: evaluative or informative. In an evaluative interview, your performance in the interview will be considered when the university admissions office decides whether to offer you a position in the university or not. In an informative interview, you have the chance to find out more about the university as the university also gets to know more about you. The university is out to impress you just as you are out to impress them. Most interviews tend to have aspects of the two kinds so it is better to prepare for both.

2.Find a way to leave a lasting impression and stand out

Coming from a private international high school Toronto, you have the chance to demonstrate your diversity and multicultural experience. Be passionate and speak with clarity while focusing on what you should have identified as your unique selling point. Be specific in your ambitions, personal qualities and tie them to practical experiences.

3.Re-read your written application and plan for any questions that may arise from it

Visit your careers department at the private school Toronto and ask for help in identifying any questions you may be asked from the application and how best to respond to them. Majorly you will be asked to clarify or provide further explanation or evidence of what you have stated in the application. This is why it is important to know what you have written and be honest in your application.

4.Prepare answers to common university interview questions

Questions like tell us about yourself, why you wish to join the university and pursue the specific course are very common. This does not make their answers in any way straightforward. You have to have a plan on how you will answer them. This does not mean you rehearse your answers because it will lack conviction and be noticed. All you need is a basis on where to start and what to cover in a coherent manner. This will help you to avoid hesitations, stuttering and sounding like you gave no thought to the whole process. A tutor from your school for international students can help you go through such questions.

5.Dress appropriately and remember to smile and relax

If you are nervous, take confidence in the fact that the university arranged for the interview because your application impressed them. All they want is to bring to life the person on paper. Be cheerful it helps demonstrate passion. Wear clothes you will pick for a formal job interview, neat and comfortable. Take your time when responding to prevent placing yourself in great pressure.


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