How to Apply Royal Crown Academic School

Admissions Procedure

Year round admissions allows you to join at any time of the year!
Students who wish to apply to Royal Crown Academic School must provide the following:
  • Application Form.
  • Most recent transcript which shows a minimum of the last 2 years of studies.
  • Passport Photo.
  • $300 non-refundable Application Fee.

Placement Tests

All students who will be attending Royal Crown Academic School will be required to take a Placement Test. Students may be required to write 1 or 2 Placement test in Math and English.

Students enrolled in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program will be required to write the ESL placement test.

Royal Crown Academic School uses the Ontario Secondary English Assessment Test (OSEAT) to determine a student’s English proficiency level. The OSEAT is used to assess the student in Listening, Reading, and Writing. Students will be placed in ESL level based on the result of the test. A maximum of 2 hours is granted to complete the test.

Year Round Admissions

Royal Crown Academic School has 6 Admissions date throughout the year to help student maximise their study studying opportunities. With this type of flexible enrolment schedule, students can begin their study as soon as they complete their studies in their home country.

With more academic starting dates, it also means students can complete their studies at Royal Crown Academic School faster and get into University faster!

We believe that flexible scheduling is paramount to a student success. Being able to personalise a student’s study plan gives the student a competitive edge.

  • This allows the student to enroll at any month of the year and be able to study right away! Students do not need to wait for their studies.
  • Are able to get a personalized study plan to fit their needs.
  • Allows the student to complete their studies at a faster pace and enter University.
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Your Application to Join Us

We are looking for your application to join us at Royal Crown.

Royal Crown provides grade 7 to grade 12 courses and university prep program. Students from second year of middle school to high school graduates may apply.

Credit Conversion

International students’ transcripts are accepted by Royal Crown. Students just need to submit their transcripts from their country of origin for Royal Crown’s evaluation. Credits will be given to subjects with scores of passed and above.


The type of documentation required depends on your country of origin, the program you are taking, and the length of your study:

  • Any study program of up to six months: no study permit is required
  • Programs longer than six months require a study permit

If you will be studying in a program of six months or less, but think you may continue your studies in another program after this short-term program is completed, you should apply for a study permit before you come to Canada.

If you do not have a valid study permit and wish to continue your studies, you will have to leave Canada in order to apply for one.

Quick Facts

Depending on your country of origin and the type and length of study, you may require:

A temporary resident visa
A study permit

NOTE: A temporary resident visa may be required depending on your country of origin. Refer to the list of countries that require a temporary resident visa as provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

For more information, please visit CIC’s website at:

Contact Us

Contact us in any convenient way. We will be happy to clarify any admissions procedure details.
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