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Studying abroad is a dream for most if not all students. Every student would like to reach far beyond academics and career. It is always viewed that studying in a foreign country can open minds further and create international relations that may help you a lot in your career. Moreover, it equips the students with skills from outside the country to help them interact with other cultures. Studying in a private high school Toronto introduces a diverse and challenging curriculum to grow your childs mind.

Its a decision that can impact greatly on many lives and yet at the same time, it can rattle the nerves of parents. The thought of your son or daughter being away from you in a completely different country isnt easy to cope with. Other things like finances could also be a challenge to this endeavor. That is why it is important that you gather a lot and enough information about how it would benefit your childs future, and also try to look for possible solutions. With enough knowledge about how it is all done, and how problems arising are tackled, you will be comfortable and fully support your child to pursue this dream.

Why study abroad

Studying abroad gives your child a chance to gain skills that would benefit them personally and professionally such as:

Teaches real-world skills not taught in classrooms

In the present world, people are competing for jobs with people from all over the world. This means that you must have non-routine skills like cultural awareness and a second language is a part of what studying abroad can equip you with.

Improves proficiency in a second language

Total immersion is the bridge to total proficiency in a second language, and a second language is a skill that companies out there are looking for.

Study abroad builds a strong global friendship and international connections that greatly expand the global professional network.

Helps a student to adapt to a new life being alone hence helping them develop self-confidence and independence.

Common concerns and solutions

Staying safe abroad

Always try to talk to your child about the issues of how to stay safe. But first learn about the country like about the embassy location, laws and customs. Healthy tips in the town your child is going to are also important, plus being smart with their valuables. Create also a list of important contacts for your child.

Keeping in touch

Knowing your childs whereabouts can be the key to be comfortable and kill anxiety and nervousness. You can keep in touch in various ways such as buying your child an international cell phone, or if his/her phone can connect abroad, let them roam, or purchase an international phone plan. Other applications like Facebook and WhatsApp make you stay in touch all time. Another great one is Skype. Because you will be able to have video calls and see them.


Finances can be a major blow because most colleges charge high fees for foreigners. Be open to your child about financing the study abroad trip. Also encourage your child to apply for scholarships through their study program, home university, local organizations and national scholarship funds.

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