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Our Courses for International Students in Toronto, Canada in Detail

Our courses for international students in Toronto, Canada – ESL program – are designed for both Canadian and international students who exhibit a variety of English proficiency levels.

At the Royal Crown Academic School We offer beginner classes all the way to advanced classes, with each one being taught by a certified ESL instructor. All of our instructors have exceptional and extensive experience in foreign language and will work with students on a group level and individual basis to help them learn and speak English. Each class is no larger than 10 students to ensure that all students are given the appropriate amount of time to learn and practice the language.

Students will attend ESL classes 25 hours per week. Once the student has advanced in the classes, he or she will take an English placement test to determine their proficiency and what they need to focus on in their studies. For example, a student who readily grasps English spelling and pronunciation would be in a different class level than a student who is just learning pronunciation.

To help students advance themselves and graduate on time with their classmates, students can take ESL classes concurrent with their class schedule.

Royal Crown High School ESL
International Student University Preparation

ESL Helps Prepare Students for TOEFL

The TOEFL is required for students to take before they are accepted to a Canadian or US university. This test will determine the proficiency of a students English skills. 

Our educators will work with students to practice the test and take mock examinations to determine a students skill level and where they can improve.

Each student will have the opportunity to learn more about the exam and strategies to pass the examination when it comes time to test.

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