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Even though teamwork is highly encouraged in learning institutions, not all students enjoy working in teams. While teamwork could be a breakthrough tool for most projects, most students still fancy working alone to enhance the concentration of the task at hand. Social differences have also caused divisions among students while sometimes there are no shared interests and goals, factors that are all hurdles to teamwork. This has led to teachers doing extra work in teaching in projects that would have been otherwise easy to understand for students with group work. However, modern technology has tried to solve this issue.

Online collaboration tools are web applications that help private high school Toronto students and teachers to interact on the web. They may have interactive online discussions, perform online collaboration activities and share electronic learning materials among others functions.

The following are a collection of these great applications that would help:

1. Padlet

It is used for sharing digital content. It helps the teacher to create brainstorm sessions where the students can share internet findings and ideas. There are also book review sessions where the teacher lets students share their reviews and comments. It can also be used as a portfolio for showcasing school projects and giving feedback to provide an assessment of students work.

2. TitanPad

The effectiveness of TitanPad is simple because it lets a group of people work on the same piece of work at the same time. This may help the students to work on the same topic but different parts hence increasing collaboration. With TitanPad, you will have true collaboration in real time, every individual may choose a preferred color and has an infinite undo function.

3. TodaysMeet

This takes class management to another level because you are able to holddiscussion forums and have meetings and online seminars. You could also have an unlimited number of students there where they could engage in teaching, make presentations and review the work of other classmates.

4. Wiggio

With Wiggio, a teacher can create and manage numerous discussion forums, meetings and other groups in one room. You can have virtual meetings and conference calls, customize calendar, share documents as well as have a to-do list and task assignment. Moreover, you can still email, text and voice message.

5. Socrative

This puts emphasis on having fun and interactive activities that engage students like quizzes from most interesting topics of the lesson. Thereisa chat and discussion platform that encourages reporting and giving feedback to improve the experience of students.

6. Twiddla

Is a great app for those teachers who are preparing students to write college papers since it involves a lot of writing assignments. What is more is that you can screen capture and voice chat. Thereisunlimited storage space and total moderation control.

7. Collaborize Classroom

It is special since teachers are free to select from thousands of pre-written lessons, or even create their own lessons and launch discussions with students while at the same time receiving and giving feedback.

8. Scribblar

It involves online chat, images and documents uploads and discussions. Students could also have individual activities like separate projects.

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