English Summer Camp Toronto Canada

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Since 2005, We Have Been Providing the Best English Summer Camp in Toronto, Canada for all International Students!

Are you ready to learn English AND delve into the amazing surroundings that Canada has to offer? If so, Royal Crown’s summer camp program is the right choice for you.

You will make lasting friendships while discovering more about yourself and the world around you!

Our English summer camp in Toronto, Canada is the perfect way for all international students to learn and practice English while exploring the local surrounding area. Each one of our camp programs is designed to be fun, entertaining, and full of learning experiences that you will not find anywhere else.

One of the best things about our summer camp is that you are not stuck inside of a classroom the entire summer. We take trips all over the area to provide you with an eventful learning experience that is like nothing else you have ever done.

Royal Crown School – Students


Royal Crown’s staff is not only trained and experienced, they are full of energy and ready to take on any challenge. Whether you are checking out panda bears at the zoo or climbing up a rocky terrain, you will never find a moment dull or boring.

All of our campers will experience a fun summer and learn English along the way. Each student will receive personalized attention to assess their skills. Our staff will then work with each student and provide individual challenges and team goals to ensure each student progresses and succeeds.


We are open for communication and ready to clarify any information about our school according to your wishes.

Adventurers Wanted!

Some of the activities and adventures we have gone on include:
Niagara Falls


This amazing attraction is one of the wonders of the world and you will soon see why. Students can take in the scenery, shop for souvenirs and even dine at one of the many delicious restaurants nearby.

Eastern Canada English Tour


The three-day Eastern Canada tour is a trip that takes you throughout three main areas of Canada. On day one, you will visit the Ottawa-Montreal area. On the second day, you will visit the Montreal and Quebec City area. Day three will include exploring Quebec City-Thousand Island-Kingston.

Toronto Zoo


Monkeys, lions, and bears, oh my! The Toronto Zoo is known for being one of the best zoos in Canada and you will find lively animals making faces, performing antics, and filling you with laughter the entire day.

Canada Wonderland English Tour


This amusement park is full of adventure for those who like to keep their feet on the ground and others who like to spin high and tumble around in the sky. The amusement park includes the Leviathan, Canada’s largest roller coaster, over 200 attractions, 65 rides, and even a 20-acre water park.