At Royal Crown we believe that every young person has powerful potential, and in the right environment, they will flourish.

Our mission is to unleash the potential in each student and set them on a path for a successful life.

Our number one priority every day is to provide a best-in-class experience for each and everyone of our students, considering their individual needs and providing an energizing and caring environment.

Academics We offer a rigorous progressive academic program led engaging teachers. We allow for more individual attention, have small class sizes, and ensure a productive energizing learning environment.

Athletics Our elite basketball program offers a fully integrated schedule to allow for daily high level training as well as rigourous academics. We also offer a good selection of co-curricular sports for everyone to participate in.

Diversity Our highly diverse student body with students from all the world as well as elite student athletes allows students to learn about different cultures and become global citizens. We also encourage students to try new activities and new experiences and offer a variety of co-curricular activities, service learning as well as leadership opportunities.

Community We provide an energizing school culture and a caring school community, where every student belongs and where you make memories and friends for life.

At Royal Crown everything that we do is guided by these 5 core values:

We are a Caring Community

At Royal Crown, every student belongs and every individual matters. We show respect. We collaborate. We help each other. We cheer each other on. We have positive impact on people around us and we have fun together.

We Aim High

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We have the courage to set big goals for ourselves. We strive to do remarkable things.

We have Grit

We work hard. We use our passion and perseverance to reach our goals. We don’t give up even when things are tough. We take responsible risks and use failures along the way to learn and grow.


We embrace Diversity

It enriches and strengthens us. We reach out to people who are different than us and we include everyone. We learn about the world around us, and we seek out diverse experiences, which will make us better and open doors.

We have Integrity

Above all, we always do the right thing. 

Head of School's Welcome

Royal Crown School is a very special place. I love seeing our students every day and working to provide them with the best possible experience. Our teachers and staff all believe strongly that every young person has powerful potential and in the right environment, they will thrive. We are all dedicated to creating this energizing environment and unleashing the potential in each student to set them on a path to a successful life.

Here at our school, we take extra care of our students and ensure each and every one is given individual attention and guidance to achieve academic success.  We welcome students from all over the world. Our diversity enriches our community and prepares our students to engage the world.

We are a fairly new school, founded in 2005, and we pride ourselves on being agile and innovative. A few years back we started an elite developmental basketball program which has garnered national attention and already sent several graduates to NCAA division 1 schools in the United States, Canadian National teams and even to the NBA.

We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about Royal Crown School. We invite you to drop by our campus, reach out to our admissions team and attend one of our in person or virtual open houses. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing more about what makes our school extra ordinary and maybe the right fit for your child.


Michael Burke

Head of School

Year founded.

100% Post Secondary acceptance rate.

60% RCS teachers have a Master’s or PhD degree

$2.5MUniversity scholarships awarded annually

students over the world

20+Nationalities Represented Annually

At Royal Crown School students are part of a diverse and active community with their classmates coming from all around the globe.