Royal Crown School Student Services

Student Residence

Royal Crown’s residence is a state of the art facility that offers students a safe and stress free environment. The residence provides a comfortable space for students to study and focus on their academic goals.


  • Service apartments of 4 star standard, safe and cozy;
  • Different floors and areas for boys and girls;
  • Maintained by professional housekeeping staff – safe, clean and convenient;
  • Heating and air-conditioning system with control in individual rooms;
  • School shuttle bus between campus and residence;
  • Luxury swimming pools and fitness room are free to use;

Royal Crown Residence

Our residence is open all year, food services are available 365 days of the year. Our students will get the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world and experience learning in a safe and healthy environment.

It is quite common that students feel a bit lost upon arriving at Canada where they face a different environment, culture and living style. With our thoughtful and whole person care and guidance, they will adjust to the new life well and soon.

We get to know each new comer and analyze their needs to tailor make accommodation plan for each student. The plans include arrangement of rooms, meals and extra-curricular activities. They are well supported to start living independently, interact properly, build cross-cultural friendship and get successfully integrated into oversea life.

Key Benefits for living at the School Residence include:

Homestay Living

At Royal Crown, students will have the option to live with a Canadian host family located close to the school. These host families will offer students a family like accommodation. The host families are carefully selected to ensure our student gets a good experience with a Canadian family. Homestay families are usually less than 30 minutes away from the school. Students will get the added benefit to practice English and experience different cultures.

Why Homestay?

Homestay accommodation offers you the opportunity to learn about Canadian culture and its customs and values in a secure and friendly environment. By living with a Canadian family you will improve your English and get a thorough understanding of Canadian life. Moreover, your host family is a priceless source of information about the new environment. Homestay is suitable for stays ranging from a few weeks to many months and it is competitively priced compared with other accommodation options.

Homestay in a native-speaking household gives international students a more protected environment, a quicker way to learn about North American culture, and an out-of-school method to improve their English communication skills.

Who Are Our Homestay Families?

Our families enjoy hosting and are eager to welcome guests into their home. They have been carefully selected before they are permitted to host. English is always the primary language of the home, so you will be able to practice and improve your language skills.

Homestay provides you with:

  • Three meals a day, seven days per week.
  • Shared laundry facilities with the host family.
  • Shared kitchen and living area.
  • A private or shared bathroom.
  • Single room accommodation that includes mattress, bed, desk and luggage storage facilities.
  • 24-hour emergency contact.
  • Local activities with host family.

All your utilities costs are covered, except for telephone and internet (Some host families may provide telephone or internet for free).

All families went through multiple screening processes and are in long-term cooperation with Royal Crown. These local families are safe, comfortable, reliable and experienced in looking after international students. They are also loving and committed. They are always in touch with school and supportive in students’ integration into local culture.


Royal Crown Academic School is able to offer students that stay in residence a safe transportation from residence to school and back every day. It takes approximately 7 minutes from the residence to our school.