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Studying correctly is an art and a science. You have to be aware of what you are studying and ensure this is the right content and also understand the ways in which you are studying. Proper studying does not just involve the content intake, but the way that you take in the content also matters greatly. The place, posture, time and study plan and such things, will greatly determine your final outcome in the long run. Private high school Toronto students are sometimes involved in numerous activities and may get swayed away from their main academic goal. These seven less common study tips will help you increase your efficiency and up your game when it comes to studies.

1. Rotate through multiple study locations

The brain has a mechanism for associating its memory with the environment. So choosing a good study spot, where you can well concentrate on the task at hand is advisable. What many people dont know is that choosing several study locations may enhance your recall strength. The brain will always try to associate whatever you are learning with the environment around it, so when you change the brain makes more associations with the content and environment which increases content recall in different circumstances.

2. Create a review outline

Creating a content outline helps you organize your work. This helps you to know what content you have covered, and what you havent. This will help you adjust well to your studies, as you will be able to address all important issues in your curriculum and have an organized brain as well. An organized brain is good for content absorption and recall.

3. Set a schedule

After having a review outline of what to study, have a schedule of what to study and when to study it. It is important to note that shorter reviewseverydayhelp your mind to remember better than cramming on the last day.

4. Vary what to study- and how

Boredom is one of the main challenges in studying. There is a lot of content to cover, and if your mind gets bored, it doesnt store enough in your head. Study different topics and subjects in different techniques and also using different reference materials. This will help your mind to be active all the time by avoiding boredom.

5. Provide yourself with broader context for understanding

Certain subjects may need additional out of curriculum books, or even watching movies on some topics. Instead of just trying to memorize numerous facts, seeing the real picture may help in deep understanding and also fast recall during exam time.

6. Hang new information on an old hook

Always try to associate new information that you learn with what you already know. Mnemonic devices, songs, acronyms and trying to associate happenings in the syllabus with happenings with your life, maybe just some of the tricks.

7. Find a study group

Find a group that meshes up well with your personalities and is focused on doing well. This will help you understand various ways of tackling problems.

With these seven tips, by introducing novelty in your study sessions and relating your learning to what you already know will up your study game.

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