Royal Crown
Academic School
Alicia D'Alimonte –  BA Psychology Hon

Alicia D’Alimonte
BA Psychology Hon, M.ED, OCT

ESL, Middle School

Throughout Ms. D’alimonte ten year teaching experience she has had the pleasurable opportunity to work with children and parents from various economic and cultural backgrounds. Ms. D’alimonte values individuality, and always strives to meet the individual needs of each student. Ms. D’alimonte possesses complete knowledge of the Ontario curriculum, as she has served as a consultant during the ministry inspections. Throughout her career, Ms. D’alimonte has also been a host teacher, in which she was required to model teaching techniques, encourage, support and evaluate volunteers and aspiring teachers. In addition, Ms. D’alimonte has also taught music and dance for ten years and always incorporates the arts in her lesson plans to further engage her students and to leave them with a fun and memorable experience. Ms. D’alimonte is a firm believer that education is the key to success and to minimizing oppression, in hopes of leveling the playing field.