Royal Crown
Academic School
Emilie Pagacz – Hon BA

Emilie Pagacz
Hon BA, B.Ed, OCT

Visual Arts

Ms. Emilie Pagacz received her Honours Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction from the University of Toronto. She earned her Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and is qualified to teach Intermediate and Senior Visual Arts and English. Ms. Pagacz believes it is her job to inspire life-long learning in her students and motivate them to be critical thinkers and passionate explorers of the world around them. Her motivation for teaching is spreading the love she has for art to other people, inspiring others to express their creativity and also instilling a respect and appreciation for all art forms. Through the diversity of opinions, creation, and the range of issues discussed within the art classroom, Ms. Pagacz aims to provide a space for expression, imagination, and independence so that each student can find their artistic voice.