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Royal Crown School

Why Us

If you are looking for an international private high school in Toronto Canada, Royal Crown Academic School is the place to be.

We offer a challenging curriculum to all students that will highlight their strengths and help them improve on their weaknesses.

Each of our classes is designed to provide our students with a challenge and help them to work on their problem-solving skills, so that when they graduate and move on to university and into their career, they will be ready.

Royal Crown School

About Royal Crown School

Royal Crown Academic School is a private high school in Toronto, Canada that is committed to helping students excel and achieve their dreams. We are part of the Royal Group of Schools, which includes a career college that students can attend. Our school welcomes international students from all over the world. Upon arrival, students are met with caring educators, a challenging curriculum, and the means for them to push forward to achieve success.

Registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education, our school is open to both local students throughout the area and international students who want to pursue and further their education here.

Royal Crown School

Our Programs

High School and University Preparation – Ontario High School Curriculum – Prerequisites for Admission to University.

ESL – Ontario Curriculum to Develop Necessary English Skills To be Successful In the University Prerequisite Courses ( Courses Offered Semester Long or Accelerated 5 weeks; Monthly Intakes.

RCI Elite Basketball – Elite StudentAthletes program integrating University prep High School Courses with Elite Basketball Training and Development – Sponsored by Nike UPlay.

We provide quality education, safe housing, and challenging extracurricular activities to engage students and keep them involved in their academia while abroad. If you are ready to learn more, call us today!
We know how important a students education is, especially as he or she prepares to head off to university. Our team works with each student to help them develop and advance their personal and academic goals.
Through our challenging curriculum and supportive atmosphere, each student will succeed and learn as much as possible. In fact, we have a 100% success rate and are ecstatic about it!


If you are ready to travel to Toronto, Canada and begin a new chapter in your life, contact Royal Crown today to discuss enrollment.

We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you with open arms.


What We Have to Offer

Campus and School Facilities

  • Fully accessible building
  • Bordering Brimley Woods Park
  • Indoor 25m pool
  • High speed fibre optic internet
  • Double gym with hardwood floor
  • Large bright classrooms
  • Full service on-site cafeteria
  • Teaching kitchen
  • University style lecture hall (Auditorium)
  • Subject specific classrooms designed for: Art, Photography, Computer Science
  • Two well equipped modern Science Labs
  • Fitness Room


As one of the largest international school campuses in Toronto, the quality of our welcoming, comfortable accommodations is unmatched.

At Royal Crown Residences we offer:

  • Wired Internet connections in every bedroom for uninterrupted access
  • Brand new comforter and pillows provided to residents upon arrival
  • Door-to-door, worry-free school bus service from residence to school
  • Healthy meals cooked by a professional chef
  • Morning wake-up calls and evening room checks available
  • Room cleaning twice weekly to ensure a healthy environment
  • Luxury swimming pools and fitness room included
  • Age-appropriate after school activities for fun and socialising

Students may remain in-house during holidays with meal service available 365 days per year.


Our student’s elegant dining area is bright and fosters lively conversation, positive and engaging mealtime experiences. Prepared by professional staff experienced in various types of cuisine, each meal is made to high standards for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Breakfast time: 7:00am- 9:00am
  • Lunchtime: 11:30am- 1:30pm
  • Dinner time: 5:00pm- 7:00pm

Our food program is renowned, and we think feeding bright young minds is one of the most important things we do at Royal Crown Academic School.

Student Life

Opportunities to explore and learn more about other cultures and countries. Both through the classroom and through co-curricular activities that expose students to Canadian culture and introduce the culture of fellow classmates. Trips to local attractions. Central location to many restaurants and shopping areas. Volunteer opportunities and social responsibility projects and fundraisers @ school.

Located on one convenient campus, our school is proud to offer a state-of-the-art gym, pool, science lab, cafeteria, theatre, art room, and photography room. Parents and students alike appreciate the diverse selection of creative or athletic pursuits at RCAS, and we’re particularly passionate about fostering leadership skills and community engagement within our students.


Many families in Toronto are eager to welcome guests into their homes. Royal Crown homestays have been carefully reviewed before they’re permitted to host. All homestays pass multiple screening processes and are long-term partners with Royal Crown. 

Reviewed homestays are experienced in looking after international students, and they welcome the chance to invite young people into their lives, just like their own children. They stay consistently in touch with the school and can help support students’ integration with the local culture.

Balanced Education

We believe the key to student success depends on building character (EQ or emotional intelligence) as well as academic skills. Not only are we academically strong and boast very high University acceptance rates, but we prioritize taking care of the whole student, ensuring lasting confidence and life-long rewards.

As one of the largest, most prominent private international schools in Toronto, our curriculum is designed and tested to facilitate expedited admission of international students to the top universities of choice in Canada.

Which school does your son or daughter wish to attend? We’ll help them set their sights there and reach their goals.

Caring Staff

It’s critical for students to feel valued and safe when unlocking their full potential as creative, thoughtful people. Our caring, inclusive environment mentors the conscientious and resourceful citizens of tomorrow.

Our Inspiring Teachers Have High Qualifications

  • Most have a field-specific post-graduate degree
  • Many have international teaching qualifications
  • Modern, whole person teaching philosophy
  • They play a role in students’ lives beyond the curriculum
  • Demonstrating the power of knowledge and foster a love of learning
  • Proactively identify individual learning styles and tailor teaching for individual needs
  • Align the curriculum with a student’s life to maximize engagement
  • Use assessment tools to shape customized learning plans

We always use advanced teaching methods.

Personal Growth

RCAS provides an environment for an International student to meet students from other countries around the world and learn about their cultures. This diversity helps to instill empathy and tolerance in RCAS students and our community outreach work reinforces these characteristics. Social skills are emphasized in classes and modelled by teachers. Independence and self-discipline are key characteristics that develop.

We find that effective, consistent communication fosters student success and provides ample peace of mind for loved ones at home.

When you choose Royal Crown Academic School, you opt to become a vital part of the process for each achievement and milestone as your child gains mastery of their academic and character development.

Individual Study Plan

Right from arrival at RCAS students meet with their Guidance Counselor to begin planning their educational journey. Starting with classes stemming from their English placement students work with their Counselor to build a timetable with courses relevant to their desired University program.

We continually monitor our student’s academic needs and interests. We help them to co-plan their course selection, schedule and record progress. This personalized learning plan allows us to target universities and career fields suited to each student. Growth in learning development helps ensure success long after university admissions.

Broad Course Selection

RCAS offers a wide variety of Ministry of Education approved courses that will result in them obtaining an Ontario High School Diploma and the prerequisite requirements for acceptance into University programs.

At Royal Crown we offer a wide range of academic courses to address the interests of our students. From English as a second language, mathematics, Academic English, Sciences, Philosophy, History, and even Pre-Medical program. For a full course list feel free to contractor staff.


We are open for communication and ready to clarify any information about our school according to your wishes.



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